Transient Occupancy Tax

The transient occupancy tax, also known as the lodging tax or accommodations tax, is imposed on the total amount paid for room rental. For the purpose of this tax, room rental is defined as: the total charge made by any such apartment, condominium, hotel, townhouse or like buildings for lodging or space furnished any person for any period of less than thirty (30) continuous days. The rate of tax is 7%.


Every accommodations intermediary or accommodations provider receiving any payment for room rental must collect the tax from their guest or payer at the time payment for such rental is made. The tax is added to the gross amount, collected and held in trust for the County.
The intermediary or provider must not in any way suggest or indicate that they will relieve the guest or payer of payment of part or all of this tax.

Reports and remittances

Accommodations providers must file and report their total gross sales receipts on a monthly basis using forms provided by the Commissioner with a copy of financial reports from accommodations intermediaries (if any), and remit the taxes for the portion of gross receipts they collected.
Accommodations intermediaries, as defined by the General Assembly, must file, collect and remit transient occupancy taxes on the amounts charged for the sale of accommodations and/or the amounts charged in excess of the price paid to the hotel for the room on a monthly basis using forms provided by the Commissioner.

The filing and payment are due to the Commissioner of the Revenue on the twentieth (20th) day of the month for the tax collected during the preceding month. A filing is required to be submitted each calendar month even if no taxes are due.

Business Registration

Every accommodations provider (business or individual) offering or receiving payment for room rental or space occupied for lodging of a property located within Franklin County for a period of less than thirty (30) days is required to submit a New Business Registration form and Transient Occupancy Application to the Commissioner of the Revenue to register the short-term rental business for local taxation.
Accommodations intermediaries and real estate companies facilitating the sale of accommodations for a period of less than (30) days are required to submit a New Business Registration form to the Commissioner of the Revenue for collecting, filing, and remitting the taxes on behalf of accommodations providers.

Personal Property Tax

Pursuant to the Code of Virginia § 58.1-3515, Franklin County does assess personal property tax on all tangible personal property located within our locality on January 1st of each year. Every Spring a Business Personal Property Form is mailed to obtain information on personal property used in any capacity for short-term rental activities to generate a tax assessment. The business personal property return filing deadline is May 1st

Forms and Documents

For further information, contact the Commissioner of the Revenue Office at (540) 483-3083, option 2 or via email:

Short-Term Rental of Real Estate Zoning Regulations

If you are planning to rent a property that you own or a room out of the property, located within Franklin County, on a short-term basis (30 days or less), you are required to obtain approval and register the property for use as a short-term rental with the Department of Planning & Community Development before beginning this activity.
For information on short-term rental zoning regulations, approval and how to register your property for short-term rental use, contact the Planning office at (540) 483-3027 or visit: