Proud to Serve the Citizens of Franklin County, VA


This site is focused on providing you with an overview of the Public Safety system.

Mission Statement
Franklin County's Department of Public Safety is dedicated to providing Emergency Services, to include, but not limited to, Fire, EMS, Animal Control and Emergency Management that are, delivered in a timely and efficient manner by well-trained and dedicated career and volunteer professionals.

What is Public Safety?
The Department of Public Safety was created by County ordinance in 1988 to oversee four areas of safety concerns within the County; Fire, Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Management and Animal Control. The Department also oversees and works with 10 volunteer fire companies and 9 volunteer rescue squads. While the County relies heavily on professional volunteers to answer approximately 7000 EMS calls and 3500 fire calls annually, Public Safety also supplements the system with career fire and EMS providers.

Public Protection Classification:

Franklin County Public Safety currently has an Insurance Service Offices Public Protection Classification (ISO-PPC) of 4/4Y, for the entire county.


MOU Agreement

This MOU will serve as an agreement between Franklin County and other Virginia localities in this region for their personnel to participate in the regional IMT.  You may download the MOU, approve it, then send the approved and signed versions back to Franklin Co for our approval. See instructional sheet to answer any questions that your locality may have on completing the process.

PT Monthly Time Sheet

We now have an online time sheet that part-time employees can fill out and submit directly to Public Safety.  To access the time sheet, please click here.  It is also under Forms.

Code Red Sign-Up

  • Sign up for Code Red! You will be notified by your local emergency response team in the event of emergency situations or critical community alerts. CodeRED allows for messages such as weather alerts, road closures, evacuation notices, boil water alerts, missing person etc. to be broadcast to citizens in a quick and efficient manner. Click here to sign up.

Firefighter/EMS Positions

  • Franklin County is currently accepting applications for Full & Part-time Firefighter/EMS Provider(s). EMT-B / EMT-I / EMT-P Providers are encouraged to apply. Apply online by clicking here!